Kaitlin Shea Sandeno
(2000 Olympic Bronze medalist)

Nick worked very closely with my parents, coach, and myself to attain my goal of making the Olympic team.

Think Physical Therapy offers a diverse staff of orthopedic, pulmonary and athletic specialists. Our extensive knowledge in orthopedics combined with a varying array of athletic backgrounds allow us to better acilitate the rehabilitation programs of our patients.

Our therapists provide assessment and rehabilitation for all musculoskeletal dysfunctions and injuries. Individualized rehabilitation programs are offered consisting of therapeutic exercise, manual therapeutic techniques, and guidelines for a progressive return to a prior level of activity. Patient education and home exercise instruction are used in conjunction to promote long-term results.

Think Physical Therapy is proud to announce the opening of it’s Aquatic Physical Therapy Program. The aquatic center is located on the premises of Think Physical Therapy. The pool is partially enclosed and the temperature is maintained between 85°-90°.


  • Aquatic Physical Therapy utilizing a partially enclosed on-site pool for patients to receive therapy and exercise in a decreased weight bearing environment.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation program combining education, functional retraining, and endurance/strength training for individuals with COPD/emphysema, deconditioning, general weakness, and other pulmonary dysfunctions.
  • Injury prevention programs forathletes and individualized rehabilitation programs and consultations.
  • Underwater video stroke analysis of swimmers to identify mechanics that contribute to injury. Baseball and Golf injuries can also be evaluated.
  • Sports physical therapy incorporating sports specific skills to allow a patient to regain the strength, flexibility, stability, and endurance required to return to the desired sport or activity.
  • Comprehensive orthopedic assessments and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems and injuries.

Think Physical
365 W First St, Tustin CA 92780

The Think Tank is proud to announce that we are opening a swim school for ages 3-12. Register now for classes starting June 2nd.


  • Learn to swim:
    In the Learn to Swim program, children will learn basic water safety skills.
  • Swim stroke development:
    Stroke development is for children who are already water safe. They will begin learning the different strokes and techniques in swimming.


  • Amber Theders
    Amber is seventeen years old and very experienced in competitive swimming. She has taught swim lessons before and enjoys working with children. She is very good at communicating with children and encouraging them in a positive way. It’s very important to her that children develop water safety skills and enjoy being in the water.
  • Linda Matsuyama
    Linda is an enthusiastic and experienced swim instructor with over twenty years of experience with both children and adults. Her comfort zones are helping others and being in water; hence, she is the perfect swim instructor! Students young and old rave about her patience and astuteness. She is particularly astute at identifying and correcting problems that impede progress in the water and encouraging success. She finds joy in helping others master important water skills, and she is committed to ensuring that as many children as possible are water safe.